Monday, December 19, 2005

Another delay…

Yes it is true; we are busy here at the Audio Collective. With the move to the new studio, the Holiday season, and lots of other little things going on it has delayed things here. The next episode has been recorded but I have to find time to do all the fancy stuff to it so it! You can expect it later this week and possibly a special bonus podcast also!

If you want something to listen to then check out this other podcast I am doing. It is for Westwinds Community Church and it comes out every week. It may not be what you normally listen to but it is thought provoking and it is worth a try. It is located at and you can subscribe to it and all that jazz. Well it is late and I have lots of work to do. Rachel is calling for me to put away all these cords that are strewn about the studio so ill talk to you later this week.


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