Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Audio Collective Episode #65

It has been a while but the Audio Collective has been enjoying the good things in life. Cory has finally found a job and Rachel and Dave have been visiting with friends and family. It has been a very busy holiday season but we finally found time to create a podcast. Join us and experience some books and burgers.
Nomad Bookhouse!


Length 17:42


Blogger Dan said...

Hi guys!

Great to hear from you three. Nice to hear Rachel.

We used to have a Ground Round restaurant near where I live in Cincinnati. They used to give you a bowl of peanuts and encourage you to toss the shells on the floor, while you watched silent films on a projection screen.

That restaurant has been transformed into a pizza buffet place now.

More about the podcast... I think everything went downhill and fortunately you ended it as Cory started talking about chicken breasts. Milking chickens?! :S

9:54 AM  
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